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Here is a list of Candy Funhouse’s Top 20 Canadian Chocolate Candy Bars that their candy lovers have compiled. It was hard and frustrating. But, the journey was very sweet.

20. Big Turk
A classic Turkish delight chocolate bar coated in delicious milk chocolate. One of the most unique chocolate bars in Canada, made by Nestle Canada. Many Canadians have a love/hate relationship with this mysterious chocolate bar. With its red, white and blue packaging, it will often remind people of the look of Bazooka Joe bubble gum or even toothpaste! Don’t be fooled by its packing, it’s a combination of jelly coated in a thin, light layer of Nestle Chocolate. The Big Turk is the perfect bar for chocolate lovers with only 4 grams of fat and 60 grams of chocolate. A healthy chocolate bar?! The Big Turk is the ideal alternative to an average chocolate bar.

19. Cadbury Crunchie
First introduced into the Canadian market in the 1960s by Cadbury Canada, the Cadbury Crunchie is a Canadian iconic candy bar ever since, with its unique recipe that is found nowhere else but in Canada. Did you know that Cadbury Chocolate is made locally in Toronto? The Cadbury Crunchie Bar started in late 1929 in the U.K. by J S. Fry & Sons. Cadbury Crunchie composes of honeycomb sponge toffee, which is produced in large slabs and then covered in the delicious milk chocolate we love. It is a classic Canadian chocolate bar that is loved by millions.

18. Cherry Blossom Candy
Cherry Blossom is one of the oldest candy bars in Canada. Originally made by the Walter M. Lowney Company, as they started manufacturing it in the 1890s. Now Hershey Canada keeps this old-fashioned candy tradition going. A nostalgic candy, it consists of a maraschino cherry and cherry syrup surrounded by chocolate, shredded coconut, and roasted peanuts. Cherry Blossoms come wrapped in tin foil within a nostalgic cardboard box.

17. Cadbury Mr.Big
As the name suggests, My Big is a BIG candy bar; it’s the biggest candy bar produced by Cadbury in Canada (around 8 inches in length). Although very common in Canada, Mr. Big is also available in Hungary, Poland, and some areas of the United States. It’s filled with vanilla wafer coated in caramel and rice crisp and coated in delicious Cadbury chocolate. Mr. Big is the only Cadbury candy bar to have an ice cream variant made by Nestle.

16. Skor Candy Bar
Launched and made in Canada since 1983 by Hershey’s Canada. The Skor Bar is a Canadian favourite, and also a favourite by our Candy Funhouse online shoppers! The candy bar is a slab of decadent butter toffee, which is covered in a delicious milk chocolate coating. It is very similar to the Daim bar, which is a Swedish candy bar made with crunchy almonds. Of course, the Canadian version must be better, right? YES!!

15. Eat-More Candy Bars
The Lowney company deserves all the credit for starting Eat-more Candy Bars. Hershey Canada acquired them on July 1, 1987. Angus B. MacDonald named Eat-More in the early 1930s. The bar is chewy and stretches when you eat it. It consists of dark toffee, peanuts, and creamy chocolate. A caramel version came to market in 1995, which replaced the dark toffee with caramel, but sadly it has since been discontinued. The Eat-More candy bar is beyond satisfying and an awesome retro snack.

14. Crunch Chocolate Bar
Munch now. Munch Some Later. Nestle Crunch is a crunchy treat made out of real milk chocolate and crisped rice mixed. This chocolate bar came on the market in 1928. Canadians have adopted this crunchy Chocolate Bar as a fan favourite.

13. Crispy Crunch Candy Bars
Crispy Crunch is a delicious chocolate bar with a crispy peanut flake centre. The history of Crispy Crunch has an exciting story:  Harold Osin, a candy roller with the William Neilson company, developed this delightful Canadian chocolate bar in 1930. Interestingly, Neilson submitted the concept for crispy crunch in a chocolate bar contest. Neilson won and received a $5.00 prize. The original recipe was a log-shaped bar, not like the crispy crunch we know and love today. Neilson sold the brand to Cadbury in 1996, and the sweet story continues to this day. Crispy Crunch is a Canadian chocolate classic.

12. Twix
Mars Canada makes the Canadian version of Twix bars. Twix Bars consists of two cookie bars with a layer of caramel and coated in milk chocolate. Initially made in Britain, Mars Canada makes the Canadian version. Twix was the first candy bar to combine Milk Chocolate, caramel, and cookies. Sweet Geniuses!

11. Rolo
In England, Rolo was first introduced in 1937. Previous owned by Mackintosh and in 1998, Nestle bought the company and its brand.  Today they are made by Nestle Canada. These delicious candies are a sweet combination of chewy caramel and milk chocolate. They are packaged in a roll of individual pieces resembling buckets of sweetness. There have been Rolo related brands, Rolo biscuits, ice-cream, muffins, birthday cake, desserts, cake bars, doughnuts, mini Rolos, big Rolos (all of which use the same type of caramel), yogurts, and Easter eggs. An old fashioned candy your parents will remember from when they were kids!

10. Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar
Neilson Jersey Milk is a purely simple, yet exceptionally delicious chocolate bar that was first introduced in 1924. Initially owned by Neilson, today, the tradition is kept alive by Cadbury Canada.  A taste of this pure Canadian chocolate bar will have you thinking if the good ole days—pure Milk Chocolate for your soul.

9. Bounty Chocolate Bars
Bounty Coconut Bar consists of a delicious coconut filling coated with the creamiest and most delicious milk chocolate. Bounty Chocolate Bars are perfect for any coconut lover. Mars Canada makes them in Bolton, Ontario, with much love. Bounty Chocolate bars come in two distinct halves for sharing (or not). They also come in Dark Chocolate.

8. Wunderbar Chocolate Bars
What could be more wunder-ful that a Cadbury Wunderbar? Cadbury Canada makes this marvellous candy bar at the chocolate factory in downtown Toronto. Cadbury Wunderbar is creamy peanut butter mixed with light rice crisps and delicious caramel covered with rich Cadbury milk chocolate. That truly is wonderful.

7. Mirage Chocolate Bars
This delicious bubbly milk chocolate bar is like eating magic one moment it’s in your hand, and the other its suddenly gone. It is made by Nestle right here in Canada. This thick but light chocolate bar is perfect for milk chocolate lovers with thick bubbly milk chocolate in each bite.

6. Maltesers
Introduced almost 82 years ago, these classic Old fashioned & nostalgic candies come from Mars UK.  Today, the Canadian Maltesers version is made by Mars Canada in Markham Ontario, with a unique recipe. Originally, Maltesers were sold as energy balls and aimed at slimming women. The center consists of malted honeycomb and the most delicious milk chocolate on the outside. Each bite has a crunchy and light feel to it. Now a genuinely Canadian Candy classic.

5. Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bars
Coffee Crisp Bars are a Canadian classic that dates back to the 1930s. Coffee Crisp consists of a crispy thick wafer with cream coffee flavoured fill and covered in delicious milk chocolate. They are loved around the world for their pleasant and unique eating experience. Time for a Coffee Crisp break. How do you like your coffee? Crisp!

4. Smarties
Smarties originate back to 1918. Since 1918, Nestle Canada manufactures and distributes Smarties all over the world. Eat these candy-coated chocolate candies, and they will make you smart. Why? Because you are what you eat! Remember, chocolate is healthy! Do you eat the red ones last?

3. Caramilk Chocolate Bars
Caramilk has been around since 1968 and is made at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory on Gladstone Ave. in Toronto. Within that factory, in a vault, is the secret of how they get that delicious golden caramel into the center of that delicious chocolate bar. A classic Canadian love by candy lovers around the world.

2. Flake Bar
Discovered by accident by a Cadbury employee in 1922 who noticed the streams of excess chocolate falling from the molds turned into a flaky ripple after being cooled. Flake bars have become one of the most popular chocolate bars around. Delicious layers of thin and flakey Cadbury Milk Chocolate also make it one of the unique Chocolate Bars. The Canadian version of this iconic chocolate bar is made at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Toronto.

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars originate from 1905. This classic chocolate has been famous for a long time! Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars are made in Canada at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory on Gladstone Avenue in downtown Toronto. Dairy Milk is made in many different combinations, each an exquisite treat to savour. Be sure to try every one. Cadbury Canada’s Chocolate is recognized as one of the world’s finest.


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