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April 7, 2021 | by: kerri

This Weekend on Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown

Saturday’s 80’s Countdown: APRIL 9, 1988
8 am – noon

In April of 1988, Mario Lemieux won the NHL scoring title, ending Wayne Gretzky’s 7-year streak. Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs and an Aloha Airlines 737 had its roof partially tear off in mid-flight. It did manage to land safely. On the radio this spring week in 1988, Billy Ocean and Terence Trent D’Arby were in Casey’s Top 40 countdown.



Sunday’s 70’s Countdown: APRIL 15, 1972
8 am – 11 am

April of 1972 saw an escalation of the troubles in Northern Ireland as the IRA bombed 24 towns and cities. The 5th lunar landing happened on this month in 1972 with the lunar rover. In the early spring of the 1972, Jackson Browne and America were in Casey Kasem’s Top 40 countdown.