April 12, 2021 | by: Jamie Paterson


According to experts, these jobs will be obsolete in five years:

  1. Taxi Drivers

With the increasing popularity of rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, the traditional taxi driver who works for a taxi company faces extinction.

Running a taxi company is much more expensive than ridesharing, but regular taxi services can not compete with the pricing models of the new transportation model.

  1. Bank Tellers

When was the last time you walked into a physical bank and conducted a financial service with a bank teller? Automation and artificial intelligence is quickly replacing this long-standing job.

Most loans can be completed and through an app, and checks can be deposited directly over your mobile phone.

For cash transactions, automatic teller machines can increasingly perform more complicated tasks previously completed by a human being.

  1. Cashiers

There may always be a need for one or two cashiers in a store for price check issues and other common purchasing problems, but the standard cashier job is in danger.

Self-checkout machines and the move towards digital currency are quickly automating the jobs of cashiers.

  1. Telemarketer

While most of us cheer the idea of telemarketers going away, this doesn’t mean we will no longer receive unsolicited phone calls.

Currently, most of the telemarketing calls are conducted by automation and switched over to a person when specific criteria are met.

However, those in the telemarketing industry actively look for ways to automate even the current human process.

  1. Dispatchers (except emergency services)

Dispatchers for typical service industry jobs such as plumbers, taxi drivers, and other services are quickly being replaced by automation.

Over the next five years, most of these jobs will likely be replaced by computers. While we believe machines may eventually replace emergency service dispatchers, this will take longer than five years.

  1. Watch repairers

There are two significant concerns with the watch repair jobs that are still in existence.

First, many people are switching over to smartwatches that integrate with their phones. Any issues with smartwatches are usually too complex for a traditional watch repairer, so these watches must go back to the manufacture.

Second, as automation replaces many in the manufacturing industry, traditional watches tend to get cheaper while watch repair costs are increasing.

  1. Printing press operators

Printed media is a quickly dying medium. While magazines and newspapers are still printed in small quantities, the next five years will show a massive push to strictly digital content.

The printing press operators will still be needed for some required publications, but their overall numbers will be all but obsolete.

  1. Bus Drivers

Driverless vehicles are becoming much more common, and we are sure public transportation is soon to follow. Traditional bus drivers will soon be replaced by driverless transportation to increase efficiency and lower government costs.

  1. Librarians

With the move towards digital media and libraries turning to self serve kiosks, the traditional librarian role is quickly disappearing.

~ Jamie