December 5, 2019 | by: Jamie Paterson


Still haven’t found that perfect gift for the strange people on your Christmas list?  Maybe this’ll help!

Here are some of the absolute weirdest products on Amazon that people actually buy…

Candle for Lefties:  If you have lefties in your family, you know how difficult they find it to use some common objects. Well, they won’t have any trouble lighting this candle, which is specially designed to be easily lit with the left hand. Bonus: When lit, it “smells like the weird scissors” they gave lefties in school. (And why is it that the left-handed kids couldn’t be trusted with ‘pointy’ scissors?) $20

Pizza Pouch:  If you need a way to transport your pizza hands-free, this is it! It uses what looks like a lanyard strap attached to a triangular Ziploc bag, so your next piece of ‘za is never too far away from your face!

Toe Stretchers:  They might make you look weird, but YogaToes stretches and separates your toes to keep your feet healthy and strong. $29.95

Yodeling Pickle:  There is very little to say about this other than that it is a yodeling pickle. It is literally a pickle that yodels when you press a button. (What’s not to love?) $14.99

The Wine Glass That Holds a Whole Bottle:  We’ve all had days like that…. when there was no question from the first pour that you’re going to finish the whole thing. So why not pour it all at once? (Plus, no worries about a ‘sloppy pour’ after you’re already tipsy!) $13.99

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder:  Yes, it’s just that. A squirrel feeder in the shape of a horse head. In order to use it, a squirrel must stand on its rear legs, and insert its head into the suspended feeder, giving the appearance that it is wearing an enormous horse-head mask. Hours of fun! (Or at least a small chuckle…once!) $20

Portable Toilet:  Comes with a privacy poncho, a pee bag with a unisex receiver cup, urine gels, and a Ziploc seal, a poo bag and a leak-resistant disposal bag. (Finally, I can ‘go’ anywhere!)  $3.49

Can you guess which of these I already have?… and which one I’m planning on buying this year?