September 22, 2021 | by: Jamie Paterson


We all procrastinate at times — but too much can be a very bad thing.

Trust me (I started writing this in June)!

Here are four ways to end procrastination and take control over your life:

TIP #1 — Try to think of large, complicated or time-consuming project as a series of small, manageable parts. Smaller tasks are attractive because they are short, easy, and produce immediate gratification. Keep in mind that all projects, no matter how massive, are only a series of small items reassembled.

TIP #2 — Make a voluntary commitment to someone else. Allowing others to become involved in your efforts by reviewing your progress, helping you set deadlines or evaluating your results can be very helpful. Your concerns, fears and anxieties become secondary to fulfilling the expectations of the people you respect and trust. Waiting until the last minute to start a difficult task can also be used as a defense for poor performance. You can always claim that it would have been better had there been more time.

TIP #3 — Reward yourself for good behavior. Punishing yourself for goofing off is not nearly as effective. Reward yourself at milestones in the process, not just at the completion. Rewards can be as simple as reading for pleasure, relaxing, visiting friends, or going to dinner – as long as they are things you like to do. If you regularly work overtime, go home on time, or take a lunch break instead of eating in a rush at your desk.

TIP #4 — When you find yourself blocked, ask yourself: “Is there anything, no matter how small, that I am willing to do?” When you find that small thing, you are no longer procrastinating.

~ Jamie