BILBO WAGGINS: THE FACE OF 2020 - Blog - 89.9 The Wave
July 16, 2020 | by: Jamie Paterson


I came into work today and started reading my Twitter feed.

The Nova Scotia SPCA was asking the public for help with an emaciated dog found on the street.

“Bilbo Waggins was spotted by SPCA enforcement officers as he wandered at large”

“As a direct result of Bilbo’s poor physical condition & a pending investigation, he was seized and rushed in for emergency care,”

“Bilbo was starving. A male Boxer typically weighs 70 pounds. Bilbo was barely 30. When dogs are this emaciated their organs begin to shut down.”

They had started a donation campaign to help fund the care of the dog.

“Your support will provide everything Bilbo needs from intensive medical treatment to nutritious high-calorie food,”

“He is under constant care and started a new refeeding schedule of small, frequent meals. The investigation is ongoing. Every bit helps.”

I know we hear stories like this every day.  I’ve seen all the commercials with heart-tugging video and Sarah Mclachlan music.  I’ve watched so much pain and suffering on my TV and computer screens this year I’m no longer surprised by anything.

But something about Bilbo really got to me.

Did he remind me of MY dog?  I’ve never been overly fond of a Boxer-type … I’m a terrier man!

Was it guilt? I make regular donations to various charities each year… including the SPCA!

It was almost like I could see EVERYTHING that is happening in the world today reflected in his eyes.  Not quite able to understand why it is happening… numb to the constant pain… no longer surprised by what life throws at him, and unable to control any of it.

Looking into his eyes, I saw what I… and all of us… are feeling deep down.

I immediately made a donation to the SPCA campaign while I was still on the air.  In return they sent me a video of Bilbo getting his tummy rubbed.  It almost made me donate again!

Here is a link to the SPCA Bilbo Waggins campaign.

I’m not asking for you to donate, and I don’t expect it to affect you the same way it did me.


2020 has taken its toll on all of us.  We have all become numb to a certain extent…. it’s our natural survival instinct.   So many horrible things have happened and the light at the end of the tunnel has been pretty dim lately.

Just be aware that there WILL be a Bilbo Waggins that will break through your hard calloused “2020 shell”… that’s natural too.

It might be something you consider insignificant compared to everything else, but when it comes, you’ll know.

LET IT OUT… everything else you have been keeping inside will follow.

In the final episode of M*A*S*H it was a chicken that finally got Hawkeye thinking of all the horror he had witnessed in Korea.

I finally understand it now.

Bilbo Waggins, I wish you well.  I hope you live a long, wonderful life.

And thank you