Congratulations to our Scavenger Hunt winners!  

Prize money will be distributed to the participants(s) who collect the most items from the 15 item list. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be evenly distributed. In the case of multiple participants who are part of a team/group, the team/group counts as 1 participant.

The following people/teams collected all 15 items on the list:
Note: Teams are represented by one of the team members that registered the items.

Robyn Fitzgerald

Sheri Kenny

Stefanie Shute

Wendy Myatt

Julia Rook

Ellen Lynch

Cindy Morash

Penny Abraham

Trista Hix

Leslie Allan

Steven Beeler

Marnie McNally

Gail Gardina

Sharon MacDonald

Miranda Hattie

Cindy Fitzgerald

Nicholas Gavel

Tanya Welton

Karen Higgins

Corinne Gillespie

Andrea Clark

Gloria Theriault

Linda Bell

Denise Blackler

Pearl Gallant

Eric Bona

Kelly Baker

Tricia Scott

Tina Dunphy

Angela Khan

Kimberley Parsons

Peggy MacMullin

Jessica Colburn

Amy Jollimore

Jonathan Roode

Emily Miller

Roberta Heaslip

Lisa Mitchell

Alan Smith

Diane MacKenzie

Joanne MacLean

Gerald Clarke

Stephen Heckman

Darlene Adamson

Beverley Anstey

Anne Rideout

Karen Roberts

Kim Oakley

Lesa Turple

Brenda Butler

Tanya Dalton

Congratulations to our hunters!  A great effort by all!  Thank you to everyone who participated in The Great Halifax Scavenger Hunt!

Read full contest rules and regulations here.