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November 6, 2019 | by: Jamie Paterson

Words We Should Have in English!!


In some other cultures, people can say in a word what it takes us a whole sentence to say…like…

➢ Kummerspeck (German):  Weight gained from emotional overeating.
➢ Tartle (Scots):  That panicky hesitation just before you have to introduce someone whose name you can’t quite remember. (And that’s pretty much the sound you make too…”Tartle!”)
➢ Greng-jai (Thai):  That feeling you get when you don’t want someone to do something for you because it would be a pain for them. (And then they do, so you kummerspeck…)
➢ Mencolek (Indonesian):  That old trick where you tap someone on the opposite shoulder from behind to fool them. (So, I’m not the only one who does that?)
➢ Gigil (Filipino):  The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is irresistibly cute.
➢ Lagom (Swedish):  Means something like, “Not too much, and not too little, but juuuuust right.” (I’m thinking Goldilocks was Swedish?)
➢ Seigneur-terraces (French):  Coffee shop dwellers who sit at tables a long time but spend little money. (We call them ‘Wi-Fi loiterers!’)
➢ Shemomedjamo (Georgian):  When you’re really full, but your meal is so delicious, you can’t stop eating it. (So, it pretty much means, “Thanksgiving”)