Why a Scavenger Hunt Might be the Thing Your Team Needs

September 8, 2017 | by: emmapace

Chances are as a kid you’ve probably done a scavenger hunt. Whether it was to test you skills in the Boy Scouts or to get some sweets at Easter, most people have searched for items on a list as part of game in their lifetime. Adults even do it to with their own twist on the age old game, a more recent trend  is the “Pub crawl scavenger hunt’ combing typical pub crawl rules with also completing tasks or finding items on a list.

It’s not just fun and games though, as far as team building activities go, the scavenger hunt happens to be one of the best there is!

Because they are far more difficult alone, the time consuming nature of scavenger hunts mean they are best tackled as a team. This requires proper communication amongst your group. A diverse group of voices all sharing different ideas but also communicating properly is a key to scavenging success. You know what they say, more heads are better than one!

The Scavenger hunt is also a great bonding tool for the workplace. Not only are you spending an extended period of you time with people in your group and learning about them, but many scavenger hunts require you to do things that would otherwise be pretty silly. It’s a great way to see the lighter side of your co-workers while also learning more about them!

Finally scavenger hunts are the perfect team building activity when it comes to learning proper conflict resolution with your co-workers. You’re sure to run into obstacles during your hunt, things like, “Maybe we should follow this clue before this other one” or “this would be the best place to find this item”. Even though disagreements may arise, the group must reach some sort of agreement in order to progress in the game. Furthermore the lighthearted nature of scavenger hunts lend themselves to participants settling their disagreements with discussion. They are supposed to be fun after all!

If you and maybe a group such as co-workers, friends, or family are itching to participate in a scavenger hunt look no further than the 89.9 The Wave Great Halifax Scavenger Hunt. Follow this link to see how YOU can participate.

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