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September 6, 2018 | by: Chris

Well at least we beat Winnipeg

Every year Moneysense magazine comes out with it’s best places to live in Canada.  This year Oakville Ontario came in Number 1. They use all kinds of criteria, but culture doesn’t appear to be high on their scoring list!

So how does Halifax do?  Well, before we get to that, here’s some cities ahead of us:

2. Ottawa

16. Toronto

30. Calgary

68. Edmonton

88. Vancouver

We are number 226!  At least we are ahead of Montreal (241), Winnipeg (271), Moncton (292), Saint John (381) and Cape Breton (388).  The bottom 5 from the list of 415 are all in Nova Scotia, including Chester (???) at 411.

I think the judges should visit us next year.  Have a donair, walk along the waterfront, meet the people and let their hair down (if they have any).  We’ll soon be where we belong- in the top ten!  And I am speechless with poor Chester.