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September 11, 2018 | by: Chris

Want to change your career? Maybe not after seeing these!

These are all real jobs.  Maybe a good start up business for you in Halifax

Job: Professional armpit smeller

Employer: The International Fragrance Association

Salary: Approximately $66,000 CAD

How to apply: Apply via their website

We’ve all had days where we’ve got to work and been forced to spend the day sat next to a colleague who’s got a particularly pungent odour emanating from their pits.

But you could put an end to that by making sure lackluster deodorants don’t make it to the market.


Job: Professional mourner

Employer: Rent A Mourner

Salary: Approximately $75 daily CAD

How to apply: Apply via their website

For £45 a day, Rent A Mourner in England recruits mourners to attend funerals where there is expected to be a low turnout.

They’re tasked with making small talk and feigning sadness at the loss of a total stranger at funerals where the deceased has “a popularity issue or is new to an area.”

Before a funeral takes place, relatives must meet with the companies such as Rent A Mourner to discuss what they want.

Job: Professional sleeper

Employer: NASA

Salary: Approx. $20000 CAD for 70 days

How to apply: Apply via their website

Most of us can’t get enough of it no matter how hard we try – but NASA hires professional sleepers who are, you guessed it, given the arduous task of having to sleep for days on end.

Why? It’s all in the name of science.

Volunteers get paid up to £12,000 to sleep for a whopping 70 days in a row so scientists can study the effect of different air pressures on the human body.


Job: Professional cuddler

Employer: Cuddle Party

Salary: $100 CAD an hour

How to apply: sign up for a 10-week virtual training course

In a world where we meet everyone through apps, sometimes the intimacy of face-to-face contact is missing from people’s lives.

That’s where professional cuddlers are here to help.

They’re cashing in up to $100/h for non-sexual hugging, and experts claim that the rise in their popularity is down to an unlikely factor – Donald Trump.

Job: Professional pusher

Employer: Tokyo travel authority

Salary: DOE

How to apply: At the local station

If you think your commute is bad, then spare a thought for those in Japan who literally find themselves being shoved onto a train so the doors can stay shut.

Tokyo is home to one of the busiest and most efficient rail services in the world, but it doesn’t happen without help during peak hours.


Source: The Sun