Harbour Swim

August 29, 2017 | by: emmapace

Who doesn’t love taking a dip on a hot summer’s day? But when the beaches are full and crowded it seems like you’re out of options unless you have a pool. Well a Dalhousie University student named Anika Riopel has a solution that might raise some eyebrows.

Anika’s proposal is to utilize a piece of the Halifax Waterfront a public swimming area. You may be thinking “ew gross” and Anika said that is the sentiment she’s often run into “I really like swimming and I moved to Halifax for the ocean, and so I started asking around about being able to swim in the harbour just because it’s downtown and it’s convenient, and I, resoundingly, was told by people that it’s gross and that it wasn’t doable and that that would never happen.”

Anika says that when looking at the actual data the harbour is as safe as ever to swim in, claiming that except for nine months in 2010 after a sewage plant failure, the harbour has been clean since 2008.

She was even willing to test her theory and took a dip in the harbour herself. Riopel and her group will be making an official proposal to the municipality for docks, swim lanes and a jumping platform next to the drunken lampposts at Bishop’s Landing on the waterfront.

“I would love to see something up by next summer,” she said. “We’ll see.”

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Source: Metro News

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