Dating Mistakes That Most People Make

December 6, 2017 | by: mariahfaucher

Are you a pre-date social media stalker?
Or have you been a victim of talking about your ex’s on the first date?
These are all signs that point the mistakes you can make in the early stages of dating.
But don’t worry, we’ve all been there.
Once you know these bad dating habits, you won’t make them again.

Here are some common dating mistakes to be aware of:

Going into dates with a checklist of things a person needs to meet in order to make you happy.
If you are to blinded by your list you could miss out on your soulmate.


Only communicating to the person by sending text messages and social media.
Get off the screen and speak face to face, there is no chemistry via a screen.


Spending more time talking then actually listening.
Although you dont want there to be total silence between the two of you, it is nice for you to allow the other person time to speak.

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