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October 18, 2018 | by: Chris

A strange benefit from a shark attack

California teen bitten by shark offered free lifetime fishing license

A young boy who was bitten by a shark while diving for lobsters off the coast of California has been given a lifetime fishing license with additional privileges.

Keane Webre-Hayes, 13, was presented with the special gift at an event for the California Wildlife Officers Foundation just two weeks after the attack.

Webre-Hayes and a friend were diving in about nine feet of water around 150 yards offshore of the San Diego suburb of Encinitas on Sept. 30 when the incident occurred.

Witnesses estimated the shark, a Great White, was about 11 feet long.

Badly bleeding, Webre-Hayes was pulled onto a kayak by a group of rescuers and airlifted to a Children’s Hospital.

Despite the scary life-threatening experience, Webre-Hayes said he can’t wait to get back in the water.

“For them to give me one for life means I go catch as many lobsters as I want.”

Source: Fox News