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March 8, 2019 | by: kerri

13 hilarious photos taken at just the perfect time

Sometimes, pictures are taken at just the right moment, making for a hilarious snapshot. We rounded up some of the best we could find from across the internet.

This bird looks like it’s going at about Mach 2.

Photo Credit: Miss Jaded – Facebook


When the ad on the back of a truck fits perfectly into the landscape.

Photo Credit: tomboski – reddit


This dog appears to be floating in a bubble.

Photo Credit: Jody Hartman – YouTube


The water in the air looks like an elephant too.

Photo Credit: RailTieYardGame – reddit


The car is not actually balanced on this guys head.

Photo Credit: Mohamed Al Hwaity


Taylor Swift is everywhere now.

Photo Credit: @sandimann21 – Twitter


An ice cream cone of clouds.

Photo Credit: Evelyne Sieber


This giraffe looks like it’s taking a bite out of the plane.

Photo Credit: Graeme Guy


This beluga whale smiling for the camera.

Photo Credit: Tim Clayton


This fox going for a hole in one.

Photo Credit: Douglas Croft


A rhino with peacock feathers.

Photo Credit: Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards


This polar bear waving hello.

Photo Credit: Steven Kazlowski


The moon is the sixth Olympic ring.

Photo Credit: Luke MacGregor